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Other computer services technician, Excel, Access, edit HMTL, Intranet, Outlook, World, Billing, fluent English, business English, more than 15 years exporting and importing products. Spanish classes, Spanish teacher by International House experience in Japan.

More than 10 years experience web design. (If you have ADSL) you create your website or blog

Technical Specialist Computer Management. Training 3rd, 4th, 5th year. Awarded by the Education Ministry.
Knowledge of Programming Languages: BASIC, Cobol, Pascal, dBase III, Z80 Assembler.
Word processors, set an Access database, updating web, filter, etc., Excel apply formulas, concatenate, replace fields, put web files,
Billing, inventory updating and website. great skill with computer can write at high speed without looking at the keyboard, internet, etc. I can design Web with FrontPage and WS FTFP, Creating and maintaining network, intranet management.
Installing Windows XP Professional, Office XP Professional program to send emails to a database programs and that these emails seem personal, configure Outlook Express with signatures, formats, create groups and subgroups of contacts and sort by the field you want,
national and internacioales templates. Design photos, print photos all with the size you want in the A4
Recording data (I have this Title Typing), Create Japanese system on your computer so that you can write and read the Japanese language.