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Distributor MAC8 from the manufacturer MAC8 is one of the largest manufacturers of hardware and accessories for PCB in Japan and with great presence throughout the mundo..Entre the products offered: connectors, test pins, bridges, plinths, partitions and Led PCB ... etc. Downloads MAC8:

Sato Parts USADistribuidor oficial ruta e Sato parts compañía japonesa desde 1948 , desde el fabricante directamente el cliente o hacemos la importación , puede ver la línea de Sato parts pulse aqui here Connector,Chip Jack,Banana Jack,Fuse Holder,Metal Knob,Screw Terminal Block,Solder Lug,Bushing/Grommet,Clip,Led indicator,Neon Indicator,Plastick Knob,Screwless Terminal Block, Terminal Connector,

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