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Founded and located in Piaseczno-Kamionka, Poland, KLUS saw the advance of technology flexible printed circuit and the thrust of the green energy market worldwide as an excellent way to introduce our concept of integrated functionality LED lighting.
Advances in LED technology have created the need for a way to connect your light source for application with a function that is still pleasing to the eye, and Klus has the answers. Klus is a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion designs and system components evolving to integrate the flexible LED lighting within the space of everyday life. As a global supplier of this system components, Klus has quickly become a leader in extrusion technology and is being applied in many construction projects worldwide. The world market has adopted this form of integration of LED lighting and has led to increased demand for different designs. KLUS is always developing new designs and evolution of our system component based on our market research and feedback from some of our customers and representatives.

Our personal dedication to design, KLUS always help you understand and integrate our system into their daily lives. With different backgrounds in technical and mechanical services and willingness to help create what your mind can even imagine while using our system, we know that KLUS is your best choice for integrating LED lighting.